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You’ve worked hard and saved prudently, and now you want to put your money to work. There’s still no better investment than bricks and mortar.

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We buy buildings and turn them into beautiful homes that people love to live in. That makes the world just a little bit better. And because our properties are desirable, people are willing to pay more for them. It’s a win‑win.

When you invest with us, you will make a profit you can be proud of.


There’s no magic to what we do. We carefully analyse potential projects and select the ones that we are sure will deliver a good profit. Then we offer you investment opportunities with the uncertainty taken out.

  • Your interest rates are fixed
  • Your investment is safe, because we always offer a minimum of two exit strategies on each project
  • Your money is secured with charges on properties


When you invest with Northmoor,
you are in control.

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You will know everything about the property you are investing in. We’ll always answer your questions, and we’re happy to take you on-site so you can see and touch the property.


You will be certain how much profit the project will generate. The numbers will be clear up-front, and will never change during a project.


You will know exactly when you will receive your funds. A project is always well planned, and the finish date is clear. You will receive regular progress reports to put your mind at ease.


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over the past 30 years property has been the best investment in the UK.

Safe as houses. People will always need somewhere to live. The market may rise and fall but in the long-term nothing beats property.

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With Northmoor, every step of the investment journey is clearly defined, and you will always know exactly how your money is working at that given moment.

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Our main areas of investment are:

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